About Me

I am a thirtysomething Bay Area native, now living in Singapore. I've also lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Taipei, Santa Cruz, and Oakland. I liked them all except Los Angeles.

Things I love:
learning new things (especially intellectual stuff)
traveling (especially to historical sites)
reading (pretty much everything from cereal boxes to classic literature)
good food (especially street food/hole in the wall restaurants)
cute animals (especially rabbits)
museums (I even have a degree in it!)

Things I hate:
driving (I am not a good driver or parker: parallel parking=horrid)
ignorant people

I am married to B, who is really smart, pretty eccentric, and definitely darling. We have one daughter, Little R, born February 2011, who is the world's cutest and most perfect child (in my unbiased opinion). Currently I am a housewife busy taking care of the two of them.

I try to be open-minded and tolerant (being a liberal from the Bay Area and all) but my natural tendency is to be judgmental, opinionated, and snobby. (I'm working on it!) My sister tells me I'm the only person she knows who can have a detailed, in-depth, and convincingly argued opinion on something she actually knows nothing whatsoever about. Thus the blog title.

I hope the blog will chronicle my life and all the changes I experience as an expat and a new mother. I am a believer in continuous self-improvement (the "shark" theory of life: stop moving forward and you die), and hopefully it will also help me grow into a better, kinder, more thoughtful, healthier person.