Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Second Thought, I'm Giving Up on Decorating

The apartment is almost all unpacked and organized now (with the exception of the guest room/B's study). In the living room I still need to assemble one bookcase; all the pictures and decorations have to be hung still, and I have to decide where the rugs will go, but besides that, it's pretty much finished. Thank goodness: it was pretty exhausting getting everything organized, especially as I can't be very productive unless little R is sleeping. She actually is capable of playing by herself now (I am so excited about this), but her attention span is still only about 15-20 minutes at most, and she still falls over sometimes (and then will cry until I retrieve her).

I was planning to buy a bunch of stuff and decorate our apartment so that it looked more like a grown up person's house (as in, the furniture is all nice, new and matching: I harbored ambitions of it resembling a magazine to match the magazine-worthy view). But on second thought, I find the idea of doing this unappealing. It is really expensive to buy nice furniture (and I don't enjoy spending large amounts of money); we'd have to do something with the ugly furniture (and just thinking about this makes me tired); and I don't care that much about it anyway. Besides, since most of our living room floor is covered with hideous green pads, (like the ones in a playroom that snap together) so that little R can play safely without constant supervision, how good can the house look? Bonus: I can use all the time this project would have taken on something I like better, like visiting museums or reading.

Instead, the apartment will look like all the other places we've had: cozy, full of knick-knacks, pictures and books, and a little bit funky. Home sweet home!

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  1. i hear ya! we've been in our home for over 5 years and it's STILL not how we want it. took like 3 years just to get curtains up in the living room.