Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sentosa Island: July 10th

Pink Dolphin show

July 10th was a Sunday and so B didn't have to go to work. Instead, we all traveled to Sentosa, which is a small island off Singapore that is an entertainment center/amusement park. However, it's more like Disneyland than Six Flags or something, since while there are rides, it also has beaches, an aquarium, a museum, bike paths, cafes, and a casino. It's a little bit tacky (although so is Disneyland!), but so convenient: lots of bathrooms, nursing rooms, shuttle buses, etc. And being Singapore, everything is labeled and very clean (and everything works). B said it was how China was in its dreams, and I think that is very true. The level of organization on display was really impressive.

I am so glad we are in Singapore with little R, and not Shanghai. The thought of navigating Shanghai's Metro or its dirty, perpetually torn-up streets choked with people gives me cold shivers. Singapore, on the other hand, is actually easier to get around in than San Francisco was (yay for modern construction=elevators).

We had Indian food at a beachfront restaurant, which was really very good, and then returned to the main island via monorail (Sentosa is only about 5 min away). Later we ate at the Tiong Bahru Hawker Center again, which I love so much. It's a genius idea, like a food court but with food that is actually good (also, many of the stalls have table service).

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