Monday, September 26, 2011

Singapore Has Awesome Food

One of the best things about living in Singapore is the food. I used to be a very limited eater but after meeting B (who loves cooking and food), I learned how to eat and appreciate good food. As we got older and gained more experience, we became progressively more picky about what sort of food we would eat. Now I wouldn't even consider eating things like factory-produced bread, American cheese, frozen pizza, jello or ranch flavored anything unless I was desperate.

Singapore has great food, among the best in the world (I would say only Italy and China have equally good food among the places I have experienced). While every city has at least one good restaurants, what makes Singapore a food mecca is that almost all the food is delicious. (This is one reason why I was so impressed by Italian food: you could get perfectly respectable tomato and mozzarella sandwiches at truck stops. Good luck on finding anything edible at a typical American gas station!)

In Singapore, you can just randomly go to any food court, and order something you've never heard of, and chances are, it will be excellent. And the variety is immense: Indian, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Western and Indonesian cuisines are all represented. They have lots of vegetarian options too.

Last week B and I went to a restaurant serving Peranakan food, which is a fusion cuisine combining Malay, Chinese, and other influences. I had never eaten it before, so had no idea what anything on the menu was (dishes like Udang Lemak, Sambal and Otak Otak). The food was absolutely amazing though, with unusual spices and flavor combinations, even if I couldn't identify anything.

Singaporeans are all obsessed with food: there is even a Zagat guide equivalent which includes food stands, Makansutra. We have only used their recommendations a little bit, but so far they haven't steered us wrong (and the reviews are really funny to read, so quirky). If you like food and plan to visit Singapore, it is indispensable.

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