Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

We are all glad to be back home in Singapore. It's funny that Singapore feels like home now (rather than the Bay Area where we just were). But I was so happy to be in my beloved apartment again, decorated and arranged to suit me, where everything is convenient and comfortable. Staying at my parents' is nice but full of small inconveniences (the bed isn't comfortable, the walls are thin, little R's area is their office so is full of stuff and not set up to be a nursery, etc.). Our apartment, on the other hand, is my little kingdom (since both B and I prefer me to be in charge of all home-related affairs), so it's exactly as I like it.

B is glad that he has privacy and time to work uninterrupted (he doesn't care so much about his surroundings as long as little R and I are there). Little R is glad to have a nice big area for rolling around on (since the living room is child-proofed and covered in padded matting).

I am glad for the break though. It was nice getting so much baby-free time in (staying out to 3 am! whee!), and having other people to change diapers and amuse little R. I was worried that once we got home, I would have become unused to the grind of baby care (now I have to do everything again). But actually I feel re-energized and am enjoying my sweet little R all the more for the break. I'm still looking forward to having a babysitter though, as B and I didn't have time to spend just one-on-one during this vacation (too many obligations)!

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