Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tropical Insect Life=Gross

I have a lot of stuffed animals (mostly rabbits) in my bedroom even though I am supposedly a grownup, and I still play with them. Today I was chatting with B while he was getting ready for work, and I noticed that one of them seemed to be losing her stuffing. I picked her up and she was all hard and puffy: strange. Then I realized it was because bugs in all stages of life (grubs, adolescents and wriggly adults) had infested her innards. (She was one of those animals stuffed with flax seeds that you can heat up in the microwave as a hot compress.)

I started yelping and B had to rescue me by quickly removing the animal to the trash chute. But the bugs were all over the shelf she was on, the other stuffed animals, the floor, and even the bed (where I foolishly put the other animals while cleaning the shelf). Oh my goodness so disgusting. Rampant bug life is a very bad thing about the tropics.

I also feel a little sad because my stuffed animal died, and didn't even get a funeral (just a one-way trip to the dumpster). RIP Rosemary.

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