Monday, October 24, 2011

Bali, Indonesia: Day 1

At the airport: the man in the distance is beckoning to little R to crawl over; shortly afterwards, she was requested for posing with about 5 different people. She is a little bit like a movie star.

We flew out of Singapore at 4 pm, as B had to work during the day. We were on a different flight from my father in law, so we separated at the airport; our flight was delayed and we reached our hotel in Bali around 10 pm.

It was interesting to see the differences between Singapore and Indonesia as soon as we got off the plane. The airport and customs were extraordinarily disorganized (extraordinary because Bali is a huge tourist destination, so they ought to have a lot of experience in dealing with travelers). Luckily little R was our passport and thus we got to cut the line.

Then we got a taxi (after dodging several scam artists/touts) and arrived at our hotel. B's father had chosen this hotel (B picked the one in Malaysia), which he was paying for, but hadn't properly confirmed the reservations because he is often confused. Thus, the villa was not really ready (beds not turned down, dusty) and when we went to give little R her bath, there were several centipedes hanging out in the crevices of the tub. This gave me a bad first impression.

We had dinner in the villa (from room service), along with cocktails and a bottle of wine (B's father drank pretty much all of this), and then went to bed.

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