Sunday, November 6, 2011

And...She's Off!

Little R learned how to crawl about 3 weeks ago. Now she is an expert at it, and can crawl for long distances remarkably quickly. I was anxious about her becoming mobile, because it means her potential for causing havoc is exponentially higher. In fact, this is true: but I don't mind because it makes me so happy to see her pride and excitement in her new ability. It was so frustrating for her not to be able to move before; now anything she wants, she can get, and if she wants to go to another room, she goes.

She definitely dislikes being alone, so she will follow me from room to room like a little dog as I move about the apartment on my chores. It's really cute. Or she will pop her head into the kitchen to check on my status, then go back to playing in the hall. (I removed all the dangerous/non baby safe items from the house so that she can wander around freely.)

She loves using her new freedom to make a mess, which luckily I still find charming (probably because she hasn't been doing it for very long). It's really cute to watch her busily working at pulling all the books or decorative items off the shelf because she's so serious about it.

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  1. I am so nervous about the small mobile child phase! R is so cute, though!