Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

We woke up at 7 am when little R did, and hung out having coffee while my father made Christmas breakfast. At 10:30 my sister and brother in law came over, and we all opened our stockings, which had oranges, chocolates, gum, and small personalized gifts like a USB drive for B, or a doll for little R. At 11, our family friend BT and my aunt and uncle arrived as well, and the next hour or so were a blur of present opening and breakfast consumption (we had bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit, cookies, coffee, sparkling cider and juice). My mother brought my grandfather over from his nearby care facility (he is demented so she thought the initial craziness would be too stressful for him) at noon, and we all had a good time chatting and watching the two dogs (my sister's and my parents') and little R's antics.

The extended family left around 2, little R went down for a nap, and we all rested in a stupor of over-consumption (though actually the presents weren't that numerous this year, at least compared to usual, as we agreed that each adult would only give to one other adult: we didn't actually abide by this, but it did have an effect). At 3, B and I left to drive to his father's house in Marin (the rest of my immediate family went to see Sherlock Holmes, then out for Chinese food).

We arrived in Marin at 4, where B's father was attempting to prepare dinner (actually he ordered delivery of everything but he still had to put it on plates, which for him is a huge challenge and required lots of assistance from my sister in law and B). We eventually ate (ham, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, wild rice with pecans and figs--what I brought: thanks Whole Foods!, scalloped potatoes, green salad, pie, cookies and ice cream). Of course wine was an important element too (like 5 bottles I think?: welcome to the world of WASPs), though I didn't have much as I was driving. Then we opened presents and the kids played (B's brother has two boys 4 and 5). We left at 7:30.

Little R went to bed once we got back, but B and I stayed up later drinking wine and socializing with my parents. It was a good Christmas.

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