Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toys for Little R

I keep buying toys for little R. She has about 15? stuffed animals, a play mirror, a shape sorter, magnetic stacking animal blocks, several rattles, several chew toys (the kind with water inside that you can freeze, not the dog kind), two sets of nesting cups, balls, one of those pop-up animal contraptions (you push a button and an animal appears), bath toys, two cars, baby gym and so on. (She also has stupid Sophie the giraffe, which she finds utterly dull: boy that was a waste of $25!)

She hates all of them. Sometimes, with effort, I can briefly interest her in one of the toys (but generally only if we are playing together). Most of the time she prefers to roam the apartment and find her own "toys". Popular items include books (she loves pulling them off the shelf), pots and pans, tupperware, plastic cups, baskets, carrots and empty plastic bottles. Her absolute favorite thing is power cords, but I am a mean mother and inevitably take them away whenever she tries to play with them. But she carefully watches for opportunities, and whenever my back is turned she will make right for the cell phone charger cord or something similar.
I also thought she should have a lovey. So I bought her a very pricey, organic, eco-friendly stuffed rabbit (first picture). She doesn't like this either. Instead, her most beloved object is a cheap blanket made of nasty rayon with a decapitated elephant head in the middle (second picture but without the rattle). She looovvves this elephant and falls asleep clutching it every night; sometimes during the day she will even get it out of her crib and carry it around the house with her.
Obviously I am just wasting money on her toys, since we don't seem to have the same taste at all. But I am going to keep buying them anyway, because I enjoy it. Maybe someday I will select something she actually likes, and then I will feel very accomplished.

--Exercise: None (a little sick today).
--Diet: Lunch: BLT with small mixed green salad side; 2.5 meringues; Dinner: Fried rice with spicy pork sauce, topped with an egg. Dessert: Mint chocolate sticks, packet of gummy bears. Drinks: Cranberry juice.
--Other: Drank 8 glasses water.

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  1. My daughter doesn’t have many toys. Maybe 15 or so. Her favorite is actually supposed to be a faucet covering that is an octopus. She calls it her Baby. She feeds it, changes it, and put it in the car seat. It’s kind of creepy in a cute way.

    In general, I think toys are a waste.