Sunday, January 29, 2012

101 in 1001 Road Map

I love my 101 in 1001 list, and check it regularly to remind me of what my long-term goals are. Meg of Moments Like This has one too, and recently posted about her new idea, in which she assigns a particular month to each goal. I love this idea, so I'm copying it.

February 2012
Day trip to Pulau Ubin
Exercise five days a week for a month
Give up all caffeine for two weeks (really)

March 2012
Complete photo album of little R's first year
See a doctor for my heartburn
Hire a professional to do our taxes

April 2012
Send family cards via mail, either for a reason or no reason (at least 5)
Buy life insurance for B (at least $1 million)
Lose 15 pounds (weigh 125 pounds)

May 2012
Overnight trip for anniversary, 2012
Work my way through beginning Mandarin (Book 1)
Have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

June 2012
Take swim classes with little R (complete 14)
Save $30,000 as a backup fund for emergencies etc.
Visit a financial planner

July 2012
Help my cousin visit me in Singapore
Buy myself a pearl necklace
Go on a beach vacation with little R

August 2012
Take Mandarin class with little R (complete 15)
Sort, reorganize and store files
Visit family in California (2/5?)

September 2012
Tour the Goat Farm
Open a retirement account/Roth IRA
Get antique scroll rematted

October 2012
Take a river cruise
Take a music class with little R
Get up right when my alarm goes off for two weeks

November 2012
Visit all the museums in Singapore (at least 26)
Do yoga every day for a month
Work my way through intermediate Mandarin (Book 2)

December 2012
Send family cards via mail, either for a reason or no reason (at least 5)
Visit family in California (3/5?)
Get makeup professionally done

Let's see if this helps me!

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