Monday, January 16, 2012

Little R Is Eleven Months Old

Little R has officially become a toddler. She worked all month on her walking skills, and now can walk quite confidently, even on uneven or slanted surfaces. She has even started going on short walks with us (although because she's interested in every little rock or piece of garbage, and not interested in covering ground, they are very slow walks). She even runs around the house now, especially when she's playing the "chase me" game, or trying to get something that is forbidden. She got her first pair of shoes, and for the first few days it was very humorous to watch her clomp around in them (her feet felt unexpectedly heavy!). Now she's used to them, and navigates with ease.

Her hand gestures really took off this month. She can now clap her hands, point, and wave bye-bye. She is especially fond of pointing, which she uses to bring my attention to interesting objects or events, demand things, or appreciate books with. She loves clapping her hands in time to music; in fact, she loves music in general (rather to my surprise, as neither B nor I are at all musical), and will laugh and smile when she hears it.

Along with the walking came a certain personality shift. While still good-tempered and cheerful, she is much more willful and active now. She knows what she wants, and whenever she is thwarted she will vehemently protest. Occasionally she will even fall to the floor shrieking and beat it with her little hands (a pre-temper tantrum perhaps?). And any interference with her goals (for instance, if I am holding her when she wants to walk) is almost painful to her, because she wants to use her new skills so much. So far it hasn't been that hard to take; I really sympathize with her intense desire to get her way and do what she wants (maybe because I still often feel that way!). So far this sympathy has prevented me from getting annoyed with her when she bursts into tears because I closed the refrigerator: we'll see how I feel later though.

I feel like my little snuggle baby has definitely gone away, but I am not sad. This new toddler busily engaged in exploration is far more interesting.

Nicknames: Fur, ZiZi, Little Gremlin (especially appropriate when she is running around the house, destroying or devouring everything within reach)
Temperament: Active (strangers are always commenting on this), driven, happy, curious
Things I Could Do Without: Diaper changing continues to be my least favorite thing. You hate it because it requires immobility, when you have other things you want to be doing. Thus, every change is a wrestling match. I try to diaper you standing, but since you don't want to stand still this doesn't help much.
Item/Toy We Love the Most: Your new shoes: they are really cute, and enable us to explore the outside world with you.
Item/Toy You Love the Most: Still the elephant feely; now you don't want to go to sleep unless it's with you. I need to buy a backup!
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: Your developing imagination and creativity (I think you played some kind of imaginary game for the first time a few days ago), your curiosity about everything, the way you have started to notice the world around you (pointing neon signs, people cleaning the windows, and flowers out for my attention)
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Ripping food and other things into little pieces, then putting these pieces in your mouth; walking everywhere; sticking things in your mouth (especially forbidden things like small stones, cigarette butts and power cords)
Foods You Like: Blueberries, pork dumplings, bread, lemon curd, pasta with tomato sauce, tomatoes in general, papadum, hardboiled eggs, Cheerios...You aren't really a picky eater, but you dislike poor-quality food (so you will only eat eggs if your father has cooked them). This cracks me up because your father is such a food snob, and so far you are just the same.
Sounds/Words: For actual words, only Dada and Mama; you "talk" constantly, to yourself, to your dolls and animals, and to us, until it almost sounds like speech. Sometimes when cross you will shout "Na Na Na!" but I am not sure if this is an attempt at "no" or just a shout in general.

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  1. oh my goodness! That is amazing - peanut is just starting to get her footing!