Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Good Friend Pixie

Possibly little R's favorite thing about California is my parents' dog Pixie. Pixie is a Chihuahua-terrier-bichon frise mix and quite a character. She and little R spend hours every day playing together; they are on the same territory (low to the ground), have similar interests (chewing/licking everything within reach, playing), and a similar intellectual/developmental level, so a good friendship was perhaps inevitable.

They follow each other around the house, share food (little R loves feeding Pixie from her high chair; Pixie has now learned to beg), play tug of war and fetch (little R learned how to throw so she could play with Pixie), and generally have a fine old time. Sometimes Pixie suffers (like when little R pulls her fur out, or tugs on her paws while Pixie is trying to take a nap), but she is very patient and tolerant. She even lets little R eat out of her food bowl (I could do with a little less tolerance from Pixie in this area).

It's totally cute and makes me want a dog of my own, at least until I think of the logistics and increased trouble.

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  1. Dogs are great...Until you realize that they are like having another child...then they become not so great to own and just great to have your kids around!