Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poor Little R Has Roseola

Little R and I ventured out to the doctor today. She is much better (playing and up to naughtiness once again!) but recently developed a weird rash all over her torso, neck and cheeks. Apparently she has roseola: a widespread and fairly benign virus. The rash is already fading and should be better by tomorrow or the next day.

The good part about her being sick was that she wanted to sleep all the time (she's been sleeping 8 pm-10 am, plus longer-than-usual naps), so I've had lots of free time (albeit only at home). The bad part was everything else: she's been fussy, grumpy, unable to amuse herself, clingy and in general really miserable. Also watching her suffer made my heart hurt. Poor little thing.

It's strange that when you really love someone, you would much prefer to suffer on their behalf, as it would be less painful. (I have often thought this about B; now I have a new person to add to the list.) I don't know what I will do once she grows up and discovers real suffering (social rejection; serious illness; failure at important tasks).

Parenting is only for the strong-minded.

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  1. It's so true - parenting is only for the strong minded. Honestly, I've never felt so much pain as I have when Addi felt pain. Crazy times