Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gum Gum Gummies

Blackcurrant-flavored gummies from Germany

I love candy of all kinds. I've always loved sweets from the moment I first discovered them, despite my parents' best efforts. They were into having us eating healthily so popular breakfast cereals and most sweets were banned. The only kind of allowable cookies were these organic fruit and whole-grain oat ones that were sweetened with honey. NOT very good.

Once I developed my milk allergy, many of my favorite sweets became off-limits, including ice cream, cookies, candy bars (I still miss Snicker's and Reese's Peanut Butter cups), cake, truffles, etc. But luckily sugar is still OK, so I have switched my candy consumption to sugar bombs like Mentos, candy corn, jelly beans and my very most favorite, gummies!

I am obsessed with gummy candy and eat it probably 5 out of 7 days. (The guy at the nearby convenience store recognizes me now, and greets me with "Buying some gummy candy?" in his Singaporean Indian accent.) I prefer it fresh (=not stale, it's too chewy then), fruit flavored, and without sugar coating (interferes with the smooth gummy texture). In Shanghai there was a particular brand called QQTang (this means "Chewy sugar") that I ate all the time, like 3 times/day sometimes. Grape was the best flavor (blueberry was the second best). I was really happy to discover that many stores in Singapore also have QQTang.

The Singapore candy scene is quite good, because they have imports from everywhere: gummy candy from Australia, Europe, the US, Japan, and Malaysia is readily available. It's like a round-the-world gummy tour!

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