Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little R Is One Year Old!!!!

 Darling little R, you are one year old today. It's hard to believe that I've only known you twelve months, because I feel as if I've known you forever and can't imagine life without you. Just looking at your little face every morning makes me so happy; you have fulfilled parts of me that I didn't even know existed, and brought me joys that I never imagined. You are my most sweet baby, and I will love you forever.

You love walking, eating, books, your stuffed elephant, seeing new places and things, swimming, your parents, carrying large/heavy objects, your shoes, pulling things off the shelves, and other babies. You dislike diaper changes, being ignored, sitting in your stroller if it's not moving, spicy food, and having forbidden objects taken from you.

In general, you are a happy, cheerful, busy little person, who loves playing by herself or with others, is social and friendly, adaptable, and interested in everything. You are easily consoled when upset (at least as long as Mommy is there), and while you will protest at not getting your way, you adjust quickly to frustration, and just move on to something else. In general you are even-tempered and mellow, and your equanimity is not easily disturbed.

 You seem to understand a lot of what we say now, and will go over to the stroller or the high chair when we tell you it's time to go for a walk or to eat. You also "talk" to us, and to your stuffed animals, babbling on with expression just like a real conversation. Sometimes I hear sounds which might be words in there, but I'm not sure.

Nicknames: Fur, Zizi, Furble, Little Chubette
Temperament: Cheerful, happy, adaptable
Things I Could Do Without: Your love of eating paper. If not watched like a hawk, you will eat books, cardboard tubes (you ate half of a toilet paper tube last week before I realized what you were doing), tissues, paper towels, etc. Paper is not food, and can make you ill! 
Item/Toy We Love the Most: Your books, which keep you occupied for up to 20 minutes at a time. 
Item/Toy You Love the Most: Your beloved elephant feely. Runner-up: your books, especially the ones with flaps or textured materials.
Things I'm Loving Most Right Now: Watching you turn into a little person, your ability to play by yourself, your love of books, your delight in the world around you.
Things You're Loving Most Right Now: Walking, sticking things in your mouth and chewing/sucking on them, getting objects and running away when we try to get them from you, peek-a-boo, climbing stairs.
Foods You Like: Cheerios, bananas, pasta with tomato sauce, dragon fruit, anything sweet (cooked apples, peas, brownies, corn, cake, mango pudding...), rice, Hainan chicken, baked beans, yogurt, etc. You are still picky about your food quality. I took you to McDonald's for lunch (I know, bad mother), and when I gave you some hamburger you tasted it, made a disgusted face, and hurled it contemptuously on the floor. You also will only eat the expensive kind of yogurt with real fruit and without artificial flavoring.  
Sounds/Words: You call me "Mum Mum Mum"  when you are sad, and Mama when happy. Your father is always Dada. You have said "byebye" a few times, but I'm not sure if you knew what it meant, or were just copying us as we said it. Your current favorite sound is "likalikalikalik", which you say over and over when you are enjoying playing with something. 


  1. Happy birth-day to YOU (you did birth her, afterall) and to Happy Birthday to Little R!