Friday, February 24, 2012

Little R's Latest Obsession

Little R's favorite possession, by far, is her elephant feely. She sleeps cuddled with it for every nap and bedtime, carries it around the house, and will go fetch it whenever she is feeling sad, frustrated or tired. It got really grungy and filthy, so I finally hand-washed it (why do they make products for infants that aren't machine washable??).

Now the elephant is again pink, instead of a faded shade of grey: but it still looks rather worn around the edges.  Little R doesn't care though; she loves the elephant with all her heart. Her new favorite activity is to carry around the elephant by putting its trunk in her mouth and clamping down. This leaves her hands free for other forms of mischief or destruction.

It's pretty cute.


  1. You are SOO lucky that the washing didn't remove the magic :) Lots of times kids will reject their lovey items (aka transitional object) when mom washes away the horrible dirt, slobber and goobers :) lissa

    1. I know! I was really worried about that actually, but I just couldn't stand the grime anymore.