Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little R as a Baby Clone

I love this photo, because little R looks exactly like her father in it. It is very strange to see how similar they look (except for the coloring, she has my eye color and curly red hair from who knows where), especially when she makes his characteristic expressions. I call her his baby clone.

When I was pregnant, I hoped very much for a child just like B, except female (since I wanted a girl). So far it looks like I've gotten my wish!


  1. Peanut is a CLONE of my hubs too! Except that he has a sister that looks just like him and Peanut is actually technically a clone of her. Lately though there have been some changes to her features that remind us all more of me - so WHO KNOWS! I was actually hoping that if we had a girl that she would look just like me - blonde, light color eyes. I always imagined my baby that way but now that she's born I can't imagine her looking any different and I can't imagine a more beautiful baby. Isn't it crazy, genetics?

  2. She is seriously so dang cute!