Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McDonald's in Singapore

Being one of the world's main centers of trade, Singapore has most chains familiar to Americans, including of course McDonald's. However, American brands often suffer a sea change into something rich and strange upon arriving in the enchanted isle of Singapore.

There is a McDonald's across the street from our apartment complex (sad because it's the closest restaurant, yet we cannot eat there due to food snobbery). It is way nicer and fancier than any American McDonald's, as you can see from the pictures. They even have extensive landscaping with tropical flowering plants and water elements. Of course it's ferociously clean as well, since it's Singapore (why are McDonald's in the US so often grimy and grease-covered?).

The food is largely similar (with some exceptions, like cups of cooked corn), as are the prices. It's kind of funny that McDonald's can compete successfully here, because the food at hawker centres costs the same but is delicious (and can be fairly healthy). Hawker centres even have hamburger stands, so it isn't a problem of Western food availability.

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  1. Woah, I had no idea that McDonald's could be so fancy! I would never have guessed that was McD's if the signs weren't in the pictures.