Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Had A Great Time in George Town

We got back from the historic city of George Town, Malaysia, yesterday. It was an absolutely amazing trip, and we all had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend this destination to anybody.
--Our fantabulous hotel. We stayed at the Eastern & Oriental, which was both extremely comfortable and extremely historic. The service was also impeccable.
--Lack of tourist crowds. Even though George Town is an UNESCO World Heritage site, it was surprisingly tourist-free. The vast majority of the people we saw in temples, restaurants and parks were locals. Even the 'big' tourist draws were uncrowded. This meant almost everything was an authentic reflection of the local culture, rather than designed with tourists in mind (something I really hate).
--Amazing food. We ate Malaysian, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Swiss German and street food, and it was all delicious. (So were the coffee, juices, and alcoholic drinks BTW.) I only wish I could have eaten more!
--Lovely architecture and cityscape. George Town is terribly charming, in a authentically scruffy sort of way (see: lack of touristy horribleness).
The only downsides were the hot temperatures (even hotter than Singapore!) and lots of traffic.
We were only there three nights, but I could have easily stayed a week. More in-depth posts soon!

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