Sunday, April 8, 2012

Little R's Second Easter

What's Easter?
Even though I'm not religious, Easter is a big deal in our household. I focus on the rabbit and candy aspect (two of my very favorite things). This was little R's second Easter, and just like last year, her grandmother got her a new Easter dress. She also got four stuffed rabbits (she already has a lot of them: maybe 7?, so it's going to be a bunny city in her room before too long), a book, and a chocolate rabbit (there were jelly beans too, but I ate them before Easter came: oops!).

She ate an entire chocolate rabbit by herself for breakfast (along with her usual Cheerios and banana), covering the new Easter dress with chocolate leavings. Luckily we had a back-up Easter outfit. I planned to go to the zoo, but a torrential rainstorm forced a change of plan. Instead, we headed off to the Singapore Science Centre. I was a little worried that R would be too young to enjoy it, but she loved it and had a great time wandering around trying out the hands-on activities.
Learning about visual illusions
Watching a swimming turtle
Experimenting with gears
Playing with the Theremin machine
Turning sound into light
Making music
Little R loves people watching
After we finished at the museum, we headed off to a nearby mall. We thought that it would be uncrowded, as it only opened only a few days ago, and many stores were not yet open. But we reckoned by American standards.

In Singapore, malls are HUGE. The joke is that the national sport is shopping, funny both because Chinese people are completely unathletic, and because shopping really is an obsession here. A new one opening up, even in a fairly remote location, was thus a major event and apparently the highlight of the weekend.

It was a madhouse. The biggest draw was the ice rink; at least a thousand people must have been watching the (not-very-good) skaters, packed several-deep around the entire perimeter. Skating must seem really exotic when you live near the equator!

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