Friday, April 6, 2012

New Obsession: Adele

I have been listening to Adele on Youtube for the last three hours straight (ever since little R went off to bed). I am obsessed: she has the most incredible voice. I love blues music (some of my favorites: Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday, and Son House), so it's not really surprising I like her music also.

In an alternate universe, I can sing just like Adele. I also have her eye color and lips, and am 5'6" (always my dream height!).


  1. I too became obsessed the second I heard Adele. I listened to "21" every single day in the car, never anything else.

    My daughter became quite fond of her, too. Now, the second I strap her into her car seat, she demands "Adele! Adelie!" I kid you not. If I don't turn it on, she screams. I don't know how this happened (not the Adele obsession, but the terrible two demand-y-ness) and I have quickly learned who runs the show around here, because of course I turn it on immediately to avoid the screaming. (MOM FAIL!)

    Her current favorite: "I Heard! Listen to I Heard!" (Someone Like You)

    1. That's really funny! Your daughter has good taste :)

      Little R is almost 14 months now, so the full-on toddler experience hasn't kicked in yet. But it's staaaaarted, with the enraged screaming, intense frustration when she doesn't get her way, etc. I go back and forth about how to respond (writing a post about this now).