Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poor Little R Is Diseased

Little R was diagnosed on Monday with hand, foot and mouth disease. It's a virus common in small children, which results in small red blisters on the hands, feet, buttocks, and in the mouth and throat. In colder climates, it's mostly a seasonal disease, but since Singapore has no seasons, here it occurs year-round.

It's actually very common in Singapore, and they have recurrent outbreaks here in which thousands of children are infected. Even though it's a mild virus, the government takes it very seriously, and requires mandatory reporting of the disease from doctor's offices, and school closures if necessary. Little R is therefore under baby house arrest, and cannot attend her classes or playgroups. She can go for walks in the stroller, but is not supposed to walk independently (as then she might touch things), or spend extended periods of time in public.

She really isn't that sick at all. She has some little red sores, which look very sad, but does not seem bothered by them in any way, and has no fever, vomiting or other symptoms. Her spirits and energy are high as always. The biggest problem is that we are both extremely bored at home all day every day. At least because her illness is mild, she should be safe to leave the house by Thursday or Friday at the latest (lucky as we are planning to go to Malaysia then), and will probably be allowed to go back to her usual schedule next week.


  1. Ugh! We had that a year ago and the worst was being quarantined! We did a lot of exciting trips to the beach and parks where there weren't other kids. The sores didn't bother T so much as he just wasn't really into food. Big in Singapore and big in San Francisco :)

  2. Hope she feels better ASAP!!!!!!