Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Parents Went Home

My parents left Singapore this morning. I loved spending time with them, but it was very bad for blogging as I was so busy.

I had pictured their visit here as including lots of periods where they watched R while I got my nails done, but in actuality we were either sightseeing, traveling, or socializing the whole time. They did babysit R quite a bit; B and I went out to a movie (The Avengers) and out to dinner by ourselves three times (Thai, Japanese Ramen and Indian), in addition to a baby-free afternoon in Hong Kong. I had a lot of fun but as an introvert now I am tired and ready for some alone time. (Also I need a pedicure!!)

I also missed blogging and have several topics I want to write about, including the fact that little R is now 15 months old (and both cuter and naughtier than ever), my progress on my current goals (mostly poor), and our adventures in Singapore, Malacca and Hong Kong (I finally made it to the Raffles' Long Bar for a Singapore Sling; we went to the jungle and saw baby wild piglets, monkeys, junglefowl, and parrots; we ate a LOT of delicious food).

I am terribly behind in my blog reading too (which is mostly exciting as it means I have a lot of things to look forward to) and my housework and other chores (sadly). It's funny how disruptive having houseguests can be, even really considerate ones like my parents. I am looking forward to getting caught up.

How has your last two weeks been?


  1. Ahh! I'm so behind on blog reading since Africa that I didn't even know your parents came! Mine are coming this saturday and I'm excited to see them.

    Sounds like you had a nice time with them and it's great that you got some date nights in there!! Are your parents good travelers? My mom has never been out of the US and I'm afraid she's going to hate everything, lol.

    1. My dad is a great traveler, but my mom...not so much. She went to Mexico (briefly) on her honeymoon; then she didn't leave the country until 2009 when she visited us in China. (This is jumping in with both feet as traveling in China, especially out of Beijing/Shanghai, is the big leagues!) She actually had a great time for the most part, despite the hygiene/bathroom issues, crazy drivers and general insanity that is China. Singapore is a really easy destination so we didn't have much of a problem this time.

      Spain isn't that hard to travel in either though, since it's relatively wealthy/developed and many people speak English. I think it depends on your dad (mine was so crucial to my mom's enjoyment level) and on your mom's interest in learning new things (many people don't really enjoy novelty).

      You know what helped my mom a lot? I bought all familiar American brands for the house (a lot of trouble but worth it), especially food, and then at least she could feel comfortable there. Might be worth it for you...