Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Off to America

R likes this, not sitting still for 19 hours
We fly to the United States (very) early tomorrow morning, to visit my family for two weeks. The flight is at the horrendous hour of 6 am, meaning we must get up at 3 am (WHY, Delta???). Really it's our fault for flying Delta yet again, but free tickets due to miles are hard to pass up (I guess that's how they get you).

I am very nervous about the flight. R is incredibly active, and at home starts misbehaving if she doesn't get at least 45 minutes of real physical activity daily, even though she runs and climbs all over the house on a regular basis. She is going to have to sit still for 18+ hours in a tin box, hemmed in by people on all sides. I have a hard time imagining this going well. Yikes.

I broke my usual parenting rules to buy her multiple new toys of the shiny plastic noise-making variety (she doesn't have any because I hate them, so annoying and tacky), including a toy cell phone that allows her to call various farm animals with British accents (talk about rotting her developing brain...). I also got a large bag full of toddler-friendly snacks (puffs, cookies, candy, etc.), which she is never allowed to have because I think she ought to eat real food like a regular person. And while at home she isn't allowed to watch any TV or other electronic media, I will encourage her to do so on the flight (maybe she will develop a love for cartoons?).

But who knows if these concessions will work. My feeling is that they will, but only for 10 minutes per activity, leaving me with approximately 17 hours to fill. (R did not really sleep at all on the plane last time.)

Maybe I should get a bottle of gin at the airport, for my personal medicinal use?


  1. Ugh. I dread even 2-3 hours flights with a toddler. I can't even imagine 18 hours! And yes, I would recommend lots of alcohol for you, lol (maybe buy the people around you a round of drinks, too?).

  2. omg you brave soul you. It's going to go great! We break rules for long trips/flights/unusual happenings too!

  3. I ran across this blog awhile back and don't usually comment, but have to convey my sympathies! We have a 18 month old and I could not contemplate that long a flight with him. We break all the rules (snacks, ipad, new toys, etc.) just for an hour long flight to visit family! Best of luck!