Friday, July 13, 2012

R Loves to Dance

A while ago, Kat from Living like the Kings (have you checked out her blog? if not, do it! and admire her darling kid and crazy good photography skills) suggested in a comment that I make videos of R. I just figured out how to make them on my camera, which is actually really, really easy.

Sadly, I'm a really bad videographer. But R is still cute! Here she is dancing and clapping to some music:

and here she is playing with her dolly:


  1. omg LOVE these! She is SOOOO so cute. Peanut loves to dance too
    This one is from 15.5 months so a couple of months ago but you can see her little stomping.

    I need to get Peanut a real doll because she LOVES dolls now. She calls them her "baby"

  2. Love the videos! Now there will be more videos of little R thanks to Living like the Kings's blogger :-)
    Oh, i've seen the pictures of R's toys back in the States. She was indeed showered with love from her grandparents! What are they going to do with those toys now that R's back in Singapore?

    1. They are keeping them so that R will like going to CA (something for her to look forward to)! Also my sister is having a baby girl (due in Oct.) so in a year or two they will come in handy twice.