Monday, July 30, 2012

Singapore Art Museum, Part Two

A while ago R and I went to the Singapore Art Museum. We went again just a few days ago, this time because they are having a kid-oriented special exhibit (it's called Art Garden).
Come to the SAM!
R is actually too young for such exhibits. She has just barely learned how to make productive use of a crayon, and doesn't really have much interest in artistic pursuits in general (as seen here). But I like museums, so we went anyway. R actually quite enjoyed herself.

In this exhibit, each child could color a flower and add it to the wall (it looked stunning with all the walls covered). R can't color, but enjoyed gumming the markers.
She did enjoy using stamps to decorate paper. 
If you spoke in this room, different cartoon characters were projected onto the wall. The louder (and faster) you spoke, the bigger (and faster) the characters appeared.

This light sculpture changed color based on your movements. I'm not sure exactly how it worked, but it was really beautiful. 
R liked it too. 
In this section, children could fold origami flowers or leaves, then hang them on the wall to create a room covered in flowering vines. It was all in blacklight, so looked stunning. They had some extra origami all folded, so R got to participate despite her lack of hand-eye coordination.

This room, featuring a cake with velcro decorations that you could play with, was R's favorite (maybe it reminded her of her beloved refrigerator magnets?)

The room also had numerous dolls to assemble/dress (heads, clothes, shoes, etc.), using velcro as well. 
R getting into the spirit of things (she mostly liked the removal aspect) 
Another coloring opportunity: this time R tried it, as the table was just her size. 
I actually did her hair! (because she ate baked beans for lunch and used her hair as a napkin, but I didn't feel like giving her a bath: it made the hair nice and crispy to the touch). Looks good though, right?
The last room: the artist used stamps on the felt-covered floor. When you walked over the stamps, it slightly smeared the stamps, giving an interesting visual effect (and showing where/how visitors moved through the space). We had to wear little booties over our shoes, but this didn't slow R down any.

It was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone with children (especially if they are a little older). Only downside: while asking for directions, I accidentally poked R in the eye (oops!), giving her a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Luckily she was fine and it didn't seem to bother her at all. Poor R, it can be hard to have a clumsy mother.


  1. I love how you are exposing your little one to so many wonderful things at such a young age!!!!!

  2. That looks like an awesome exhibit- very cool!