Friday, August 10, 2012

Goals for August

R at Mandarin class with her favorite toy mango
My goals for August were the following:

--Take Mandarin class with little R (completed)
--Sort, reorganize, and store files
--Visit family in California (completed)

Since I did two ahead of time, I'm changing the list to:

--Sort, reorganize and store files
--Exercise five days a week for a month (well, starting now: it's already the tenth so I won't finish this)
--Send family cards via mail (at least 5)

Also, I'm planning to make some progress on longer-term goals:

--Read at least five books
--Pay off $1000 of B's student loan
--Visit two new museums
--Take two more music classes with R
--Go on a date night with B

Kind of daunting when it's all written out like that. But honestly it's not THAT much, so I can do it! (Yoda says there is no try, so I am using more positive language.)

1 comment:

  1. I need to start working out more and going on dates with the hubs. But I refuse to make a list bc that it's like a commitment. hehe