Monday, August 6, 2012

Joining the Singapore Zoo

Baby orangutans: so cute
I love the Singapore Zoo and now that R is older, she loves it too. When we went before, she liked it, more or less, but really wasn't that excited. Now she points out all the animals to me, with commentary (R: "Gabga! Gabga! Ganya jer bla?") So I went ahead and bought a membership (for me, R is still free). It works at the Jurong Bird Park as well, so we have all kinds of options
Who doesn't love otters (this species is native to Singapore)?
We've been back 3 times since then, taking in the sea lion show twice and visiting the (very extensive and nice) water park once. Because the zoo is so big, there are still many sections we haven't visited and I'm really looking forward to exploring them with R!
Sea lion show
R is enthralled, along with one of her little friends
Life size giraffe puppets
Baboon exhibit: R especially likes this one because the monkeys are so active

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