Thursday, August 30, 2012

R and F, Best Friends Forever

R's best friend is F, who's just about the same age (3 weeks apart) and cute as a button. (I think she looks a lot like Dora the Explorer, which is R's favorite show.) They see each other at least once a week, usually more, both because they get along really well and because I really like F's mother. Sometimes R and F share a babysitter while the two of us go out to brunch. 

Here they are dancing together at one of the (many) play gyms we are always going to. It's really cute to watch them play. Even though they aren't old enough to play cooperatively, they watch each other carefully and copy one another's actions. R taught F how to say 'Uh-oh' and 'this': (they are Mexican and thus speak Spanish only at home; now F says "Mas (=more) this"  all the time ). F taught R how to do tricks: for example, when someone says 'Pato' (duck in Spanish), bend forward, hands extended backwards, and take off running. They also share toys, feed each other (F is picky except when she's around R, who eats anything) and give each other hugs. 

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