Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Love Leggings

I bought my first two pairs of leggings on Wednesday, and wore one pair for the first time today. OMG!!!! I am obsessed.

They are the world's perfect clothing: comfortable, practical (took R to the playgym today and it was so easy clambering in and out of the ball pit), and semi-fashionable (at least enough for me, since I'm hardly a fashion maven). They're cooler than jeans (=win in Singapore) and I still don't have to reveal my legs. I can even go to the gym without changing (except for the shirt). Amazing.

I didn't buy leggings before now because they were so trendy (if everyone likes them, then I wouldn't because I am so superior to all others in taste, judgment and general amazingness, or something like that). Plus I thought anything that Lindsay Lohan wears can't be a good idea. It's a lesson in being less snobby: think of all the time in leggings I missed out on!

At least I have seen the error of my ways, if belatedly. And now you know how to find me (in leggings!!).


  1. I got my first pair this summer while pregnant, and now they are still my #1 favorote thing to wear postpartum. They are truly divine!

  2. LOL you crack me up. I live in my leggings. And now P lives in hers :)

  3. My best friend teases me because it always takes me 6 months after a trend starts for me to get on board. One reason I LOVE being pregnant is that I can wear leggings :)