Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kuala Lumpur: Islamic Arts Museum

After visiting the Batu Caves, R was grumpy but not completely exhausted, so I decided we should visit the Islamic Arts Museum (haha, sometimes it's nice being the adult!).
Actually R was quite pleased with the air conditioning, freedom of movement and lack of crowds
It's in a rather modern purpose-built building. The outside is rather homely, but I really enjoyed the inside, particularly the lovely domes.

 So did R.
She was fascinated by the domes and kept doing this
They showcase Islamic art from a wide variety of countries, including those not usually thought of as having an Islamic presence (like China).
Malay gallery
R inspecting Qing pottery
My favorite, as always with Islamic art, were the illuminations or miniature paintings. If I were really rich, I would collect these I think.

I also enjoyed the section on Islamic architecture. It included models of various well-known mosques (I'd seen some of them, including the one in Malacca!)
Doesn't look like a mosque, does it?
and rooms built and decorated in typical style. I always love this: it gives such a good idea of how the designs are really supposed to look. Sadly, we weren't allowed to enter (viewing is only from the doorway).
The Ottoman Room, Syrian interior circa 1820
Sample mosque: the different textures and patterns are so interesting to look at 
Model of the mosque at Mecca
R for scale: it was really big, as is the original
Staring at the ceiling again
We lunched at the museum's exceedingly nice and luxurious restaurant. I was expecting more of a hot dogs and cafeteria style, but instead it had white tablecloths and excellent Lebanese food.
The restaurant
My food
Plus a large buffet. Very excited for free access to baba ghanoush and proper olives.
Luckily we were the only people there (as I would have otherwise been worried about R injuring the upscale atmosphere). She ate hummus and pilaf like a champ.

After lunch R was quite tired so we headed home for a nap (for both of us, actually: I was on vacation!).

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  1. Looks like a beautiful museum! Also, R is super cute. :)