Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ami the Famous Elephant

Taken at R's request
R has treasured her tacky elephant feely for years now, and has required its presence in order to sleep since she was quite small. With the development of her imagination and brain, though, the elephant has finally acquired a personality.

Its name is Ami (I always called it Elephant, don't know where Ami comes from), and it's a girl (R is really into gendering stuff at the moment). Ami enjoys almost all the things that R does: french fries (R feeds them to her), hide-and-seek, dancing to music (R moves her to the beat), and watching Dora the Explorer. She also likes riding things (like our large piggy bank or R's scooter) and going out to see things (a perennial debate between R and I, I don't like Ami to leave the house as I'm terrified of losing her).
R took this one on my phone (we are in a taxi if you're wondering about the background)
Sometimes Ami is useful: I use her to convince R to do stuff, like try new foods, get ready for bed or brush her teeth, by having Ami do it first (this is surprisingly effective, especially when Ami acts scared at first). Sometimes Ami is not at all convenient, like when R insists on bathing with her (not going to happen as she isn't waterproof). She also has a destructive side.

On the whole, I find Ami hilarious (especially when R talks to her, tenderly inquiring after her welfare: sometimes Ami cries and then R gives her a hug). I wonder what new facets of her personality R will come up with?


  1. that is toooooo cute! Aw. P doesn't seem to have any attachments to things for longer than a week or two. Right now she's really into her oo oo ahh ahh's. (monkeys)

    1. Haha, that's what R calls them too. I call her monkey girl all the time, so maybe that's why the attraction?

  2. P hasn't started creating consistent narratives about items yet. Maybe it's partially a thing that girls do earlier? He is more interested in talking about which things are "fighting" ("We don't want to fight people mama" is a common phrase out of his mouth lately").

    1. He sounds pretty non-violent! When I used to work in a preschool in Taiwan, mostly the boys just wanted to have various toys fight each other (complete with growling and attack noises). Or pretend to be various fighters themselves (lots of "ninja" moves).

      They call ages 3-4 the "magic years" because preschoolers are so into fantasy play and make-believe, so I bet you will be hearing about all P's toys and their adventures soon!