Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Singapore Art Museum and Food for Thought

Last week R was on school break so we had some extra time to spend together. One of the things we did was pay the Singapore Art Museum yet another visit.
This time the main exhibit was of young local artists, and I was curious to see what the local talent was like. Unfortunately, I was not impressed: the art was mostly kind of mediocre and derivative. Luckily I love museums and so was still happy just to hang out.
R is not impressed with this video installation either
My favorite piece, hanging in the stairwell. I think it looks like jellyfish.
A short movie that frightened R (two soldiers, one from now, one from WW2, played by the same actor, wander aimlessly in the jungle, oppressed by a vague sense of fear and dread)
In this one, visitors sit in the chair as lights and sounds go on in a sequential pattern. This was my second favorite.
The physical space is the best part of the museum. It's housed in a historic building (used to be an elite religious boys' school), and the juxtaposition of the old architecture with the contemporary content is really cool.
The old chapel
R wandering the hallways
Getting her stretches in (she just learned how to do this particular position well)
The interior courtyard, containing several fountains and the on-site restaurant, is nice too
 After a brief stop at the nearby 19th-century Catholic Church (it's got a historic placard, I'm there!), we repaired to Food for Thought cafe for lunch.
Church interior. All the crucifixes creeped R out (they are horribly gruesome if you think about it: a man being slowly tortured to death). She liked the Virgin Mary though.
Inside Food for Thought: we go to the other branch at the Botanic Gardens quite a lot
R is such a messy eater. I don't know if this is normal for two-year-olds, or if she is just exceptional?
Note the destruction, yikes!
She does use utensils, but it doesn't help much.

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