Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Drugging Myself

Another blogging hiatus, thanks to my continuing depression. Whenever I am depressed, I tend to withdraw from all activity (especially of the social sort) in favor of laying around thinking about death, aimlessly skimming stupid articles, and playing game after game of Memory. I finally had to bite the bullet and go on Zoloft. 

I am hugely in favor of psychotropic drugs: in fact, I often wonder if the entire population shouldn't take them in one form or another (better living through chemistry! can't wait for the pill revolution). Certainly I would have advised anyone else in my situation to get on them ASAP. 

Despite my theories, I am not consistent and was extremely reluctant to get medicated. It seemed like a personal failure somehow (I felt unreasonably pleased with myself for being drug-free). But in the end, I was not improving and my depression was negatively impacting my family, and B in particular (I was pretty successful in putting on a front for R: but this meant all the accumulated drama got dumped on B as soon as she was sleeping). So off I went to the psychiatrist (of which there are only about 20 in the entire country of Singapore, the culture here is strongly biased against all forms of mental health treatment).

I started a week ago and am now starting to feel considerably better. I expect in a few more weeks I will be almost back to normal (historically, SSRIs have always been quite effective for me).


  1. wow I didn't know you were dealing with depression. i'm happy to hear that you're starting to feel like you're getting back to normal.

  2. I was wondering where you'd gone. Sorry about your depression- I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon.

  3. I hope the meds are helping! Take care.

  4. Your mention of SSRIs made me think of You should listne to it, I think you'll like it.