Monday, April 1, 2013

Goal Progress: March

Goals for the second half of March were the following:

--Keep exercising at least five days a week. YES! I am totally killing at this.
--Keep saving for backup fund. YES! Almost there now: I think next month will do it...
--Get a pedicure. YES! (then I ruined it by tripping just as I was leaving the salon: oops)
--Read five books (ambitious, but I can do it). YES! This brings me up to 7 for the month of March, which is progress in the right direction.
--Visit a new museum. YES! The ArtScience Museum, which was awesome. I will write a post about it.
--Complete two chapters of Mandarin book. NO, absolutely no progress in this direction :(

Six out of seven isn't bad, though. I feel encouraged!

My new goals for April:
--Keep exercising at least five days a week (if I do this I will actually cross something off my 101 in 1001 list: exciting!)
--Keep saving for backup fund (another possible cross off!)
--Read 12 books.
--Complete first three chapters of Mandarin book.
--Get computer fixed: if this is not possible, get files retrieved and recycle computer
--Complete photo album of R's second year
--Visit two new museums
--Schedule handyman to come to hang pictures, finish childproofing
--Get my hair cut and dyed
--Go on two dates with B

Seems like I will be busy this month!

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