Sunday, April 28, 2013

R Gets a Haircut

R is a little dubious
R's hair was starting to get really long, which meant that I had to brush/comb it extensively every day. She hated this SO much, and would inevitably howl with rage or cry in pain (I tried every gentle technique possible, but apparently her scalp is very sensitive? or more likely, just the idea of possible pain was enough to upset her). It was no fun for either of us, so I decided the time had come for her first hair cut.
Dora haze
B has always hated haircuts (at one childhood visit he punched the barber hard in the stomach, enough to wind him), and I worried R might have inherited the tendency. So I took her to the children's specialty salon (haircuts include a balloon, candy and viewing of Dora the Explorer) even though it was kind of pricey at $18 per cut (which seems like a lot for a two-year-old). It was surprisingly emotional for me (because usually I am completely unsentimental). It seemed like the official end of baby R: now she's a big girl, with haircuts and everything.
Almost done!
She cooperated beautifully so I bought her a toy as a reward. (She selected a wedding toy, with bride, groom, priest and photographer: we got it because it's what she wanted but it gave me a pang for being so stereotypical and regressive. Guess I will have to get over myself.) Then we went out for brunch: R got French toast.
New hair!
 In other news, I am feeling considerably better and much more able to cope with life. As with the other times I've started medication after being depressed, my main reaction is, "Why didn't I do this earlier???" For which there is no good answer, except that depressed people are not known for their critical thinking skills or logical thinking patterns.


  1. I'm beginning to think that the part of my mother-brain that is supposed to feel sentimental over haircuts is broken. As soon as M was born I was itching to cut her hair to even it all out. And I plan to keep cutting it until it is ready to grow in evenly. I just really dislike baby mullets (well, I'm pretty neural on them when it comes to other people's kids, it's my own that I can't accept).

    1. I'm not usually sentimental which is why this was weird: I get rid of all her baby clothes, birthday cards and most of her artwork, and when she started school I was mostly just happy about it (didn't even take pictures because it seemed so mundane at the time). I guess everyone has their emotional spots though.

  2. she looks like such a big girl! I'm glad that you're feeling better.