Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Visiting West Coast Park

I like this outfit for the darling shorts: don't
buy it though, the shirt requires ironing. I
don't know what the makers were thinking.
R has a pretty consistent schedule. When she was younger, this was because otherwise she would get grumpy if she didn't eat and sleep in a certain routine. Nowadays, it's because it makes my life easier: once she graduated into 'toddler' status it became imperative to keep her as busy as possible (to prevent tantrums, grumpiness and destruction of the house).

She goes to school every morning Monday-Friday, then returns home for lunch and a nap. But that leaves every afternoon to be filled (3:30 or 4 until 6/6:30: we eat at 7 and bedtime is at 8). Our weekly Monday afternoon activity is visiting the nearby park to participate in a playgroup there.

It's quite casual, just a bunch of toddlers chilling together. I like it partly because everyone brings toys (R much prefers other people's toys, for the novelty factor) and partly because it forces me to visit the park regularly (my natural inclination being to avoid sun, heat and dirt by staying indoors). I think the outdoors is good for children.

R loves putting things into buckets
Toddlers are so funny when they play side-by-side, apparently ignoring each other, but actually copying activities
Just look at all those toys
R is excited by the noise of the flying kites (on the field behind her)
On another note, I am continually amazed by the great photos other bloggers take of their children. R hates posing. Here's her typical reaction to being asked to do so: grumpiness because she wants to use the camera herself, or at least look at herself on the preview screen.
Nice sullen look going, R
The only way to take her photo is by really quickly calling out her name or making a weird noise. But then you get expressions like this...
Most of my photos of R feature the blurry back of her head as she runs off, intent on her latest project. Sorry R, I promise you were totally cute at 2 even if there's no evidence.

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  1. I think your photos are cute! I've found I can get Nora to stay still for a minute if I promise to show her the picture on my camera after I take it. But, then she wants to look at all the pictures. It's definitely not easy!