Sunday, August 11, 2013

Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh

We were greeted by cool Jasmine-scented towels and lemongrass tea
One of the things that made our trip to Phnom Penh enjoyable and easy, despite traveling with a very active two-year-old, was our hotel. I've written before about how choosing the right hotel is much more important when travelling with a small child than as a childless twenty-something.

R is bigger now, but not much has changed in that department. She still needs one nap daily (we had to skip her nap on our last day in Java and hoo boy was that unpleasant: think multiple public tantrums, something that she almost never does otherwise), which because she can't sleep well anywhere but in her crib means a midday return to the hotel, plus 12 hours at night in the room. So the hotel needs to be centrally located and pleasant to spend time in.
Breakfast verandah
Decorative deer in the lobby
The hotel is surrounded by extensive and beautiful gardens, even though it's in the middle of the city
In Phnom Penh we stayed at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal, which fulfilled both of these criteria: the location was great, within a short walk of several parks and attractions. It's a beautiful historic property (built in the 1920s, it's hosted a wide variety of famous people including Jackie Kennedy) and has lovely facilities, including a nice spa, swimming pool, gym, and several restaurants.

R at the outdoor bakery/cafe: we had afternoon coffee and cakes here every day
Breakfast buffet with on-call waffle/pancake guy
Best of all, it was surprisingly child friendly: there was even a kids' playroom filled with toys right off the main restaurant, which meant that B and I could enjoy a leisurely breakfast with the newspaper while R bounced on Rody. Everyone was very welcoming to R, giving her complimentary fruit, hugs and seemingly enjoying her toddler hijinks (rather than being annoyed by them, as would probably be the case in the US).
Kids' playroom: R liked stacking the Rodies
R sliding down the slick pathway: such fun for her! She insisted her father drag her up and down by her ankles whenever possible (ie, at non-crowded times)
 The hotel is expensive for Cambodia, but for First World travellers it's a great bargain, considering what you get. I would highly recommend a stay for those looking for a luxury hotel experience.
R likes carrying Barney on her shoulders
This is what her dad always does with her

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