Sunday, August 4, 2013

Visit to the NUS Museum

Very little explanatory text, in the minimalist style
I've taken R to the NUS Museum several times, because it's very close to our apartment. It's not really my style of museum: probably because it's affiliated with the university, the display style is very cerebral. The curators seem to be interested in a rather post-modern/deconstructionist take on museums, which does not interest me at all (I want to look at beautiful objects and/or learn things, not muse on what makes art ART).
Sample display trying to be arty (but I can't see the shadow puppets well!! arggh)
R likes the "baby"
And the little girl
It's also not child friendly at all. In fact, the last time we were there the front desk person sternly warned me to keep R quiet (despite the facts that 1. she wasn't actually making any noise and 2. there was literally NO ONE else there).
R also likes pointing things out to me: so cute!
R loves brochures so I always get one for her
On the positive side, it has really good air conditioning (making it a refreshing place to pop in briefly in this tropical climate) and very few visitors. Plus there's several cafes nearby. So R and I will probably keep dropping in periodically, if only to keep her in museum training. I have to start her young!
Still not succeeding at self portraiture: it's hard!

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