Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Visiting Vivo City

R on the roof of Vivo City
I wrote before about how the parks here are mostly empty, even during peak weekend hours. But that doesn't mean that all the Singaporeans are at home: they are all at the mall!

Malls are a huge part of life here, the prime place for family outings, dates, hanging out with friends, and people watching. They combine Singapore's two great loves, food and shopping, with air conditioning and a high level of cleanliness, and this seems to be an unbeatable combination. Not surprisingly the island is covered with malls of all sizes and price levels, from the luxury palaces on Orchard Road to the bargain bin chaos of Little India.

Most malls are very child friendly, with easy stroller access, changing rooms, and even nursing rooms in the larger places. They also usually include free playgrounds or play areas. The largest mall in Singapore is pretty close to our house and features both an outdoor playground and a wading pool on the roof (which is of course chlorinated and filtered, because this is Singapore!). It's a fun outing for R and I, even if I dislike malls on principle.
Copying the other kids
Usually we then go out for German food at Brotzeit, which is a Singapore-based Bavarian chain. Despite being mostly German ethnically, B does not like the food (he thinks it's too heavy) but I am a big fan (sausage+sauerkraut yum!). R always gets french fries, one of her favorite foods, and thus is happy to go with me.
French fries are serious business
My lunch
Brotzeit's decor scheme is kind of cool
It's often full of hip professionals (at least by Singaporean standards), since they are famous for their beer selection:
 but being Singapore, children are more than welcome too


  1. I'm so jealous! There is no good German food where I live. If I want German food I have to make it myself or beg my mother to do so!

    1. Singapore does have a good food selection: even the elusive Mexican food is pretty delicious. No jelly beans though, I miss them!