Monday, September 9, 2013

Pelicans at Jurong Bird Park

R and I haven't been back to the Bird Park in a while, but looking at these pictures from our last trip almost two months ago reminds me we should visit again. Maybe if I take her enough times she will actually consent to hand-feed the lorrikets (basically super cute tiny parrots): it would make a darling photo. So far R thinks they are frightening and won't get closer than three feet.
R also thinks rotating rides are scary, even though she always begs to go on them
Now that R can communicate better, I like to give her input into our trip planning. This is pretty easy to do as she is completely obsessed with brochures/maps and will spend a long time poring over them.
She chooses 1-3 destinations (depending on how much time we have), based on the graphics obviously, and then "helps" me navigate.
R really likes the fake egg: she is pretending to be a baby bird
On this trip she wanted to see the "baby birds" (the Breeding and Research Centre) and the pelicans. I have told her our famous family story on the subject many times, and she finds it absolutely fascinating (especially the detail of my mother's feet sticking out of the pelican's maw).
R gawping at the pelicans: same day but with post-lunch wardrobe change
She liked seeing the pelicans so much that she even consented to pose for a photo (the first one in the post). I was excited because usually her photos look more like this:
R was fondly hugging the baby penguin statue: totally cute!: but as soon as I aimed the camera she decided to take it to the next level. Stopped her right away of course but really what good does that do, since it's not as if germs require a long time for transmission? Why R??

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