Monday, October 28, 2013

Affandi Museum, Yogyakarta

One of my friends used to live in Yogyakarta, and when I asked her for recommendations, her first suggestion was the Affandi Museum. So that was our first stop.

I had never heard of Affandi before, but he was one of Indonesia's most famous artists. He lived and worked in Yogyakarta from 1945 in a self-designed house, which is now a museum housing many of his paintings, as well as works by his daughter (also a well-known painter) and other local artists.

The design of the complex was inspired by the natural world. Check out the roof in the first exhibition gallery, which is built at a sloping angle so that the roofline resembles a leaf. To me the ceiling rafters look like cells from plants (the green color certainly helps with this impression).
The grounds are full of quirky sculptures, many made from natural materials.
 The nature theme continues with numerous depictions of animals. I especially liked that the animals were appropriately placed: frogs in the garden...
lizards underfoot...
and fish and other sea creatures in the swimming pool.
Rather than a single large structure, the "house" is actually a set of buildings grouped in a large garden. They seem to have organically grown in no particular order, with few straight lines used.
 R entering the second exhibition gallery: this one has a staircase with steps in the shape of hands!
All the outdoor space was really fun for R. She had a good time running around in the grass and climbing up and down the numerous staircases (everything is on multiple levels connected by quirky balconies and platforms).

Sliding down the pavement: she loves doing this!
The museum is run by his family, and I believe they still live there. Here are some of their chickens, kept in traditional Indonesian cages (just woven bamboo, certainly easy to move!).
There is a small gift store and a snack shop where we bought drinks and ice cream for R.
The chairs are made out of repurposed tires: such a cool idea (if you look closely you can see the tread marks).
R and I give it two thumbs up! If you are ever in Yogyakarta, be sure to stop by.

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