Monday, November 25, 2013

Visit to the Burmese Buddhist Temple

A few weekends ago R and I were on one of our outings (to a museum, of course!) when we passed by the Burmese Buddhist Temple. It was packed with visitors and had a very festive atmosphere, so we stopped in to check out what was going on.

Ceremony under way, with monks up front, a Burmese style Buddha and an offering tree
It turned out to be the Kathina Celebration, when worshippers offer robes to the monks. This is supposed to give them merit: here's the full list per the temple:
  • The donor will always have safe journey without worry, danger or obstacle.
  • They will never suffer shortage of food and will not be harmed by poisoned food.
  • They will not suffer loss by robbery or theft.
  • They will not suffer loss by natural disasters.
  • They can easily accomplish what they set out to do.
Like this one, as R looks like she's praying (not really, of course)
She is fascinated by all the pageantry though: the "gods" are very interesting to her
Apparently food is an important part of this ceremony? Because all around the temple building were temporary food stalls offering Burmese vegetarian food. They seemed to be offered by specific organizations but everything was in Burmese so I really wasn't sure exactly what was going on (we were the only non-Asians there). 
It was well attended! Also, spot the white baby...
This is one of the things I appreciate about Singapore: it is such a diverse place.
R admiring the exterior temple carving. She is a very curious child so finds even this fascinating.

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