Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hotel Tentrem, Yogyakarta

One of the things that made our trips to Yogyakarta great was our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Tentrem, which I highly recommend for people traveling with children.
R goofing off in the lobby
Good points:
--Fantastic hotel gym, one of the best I've seen. I don't care that much about this (being constitutionally lazy) but working out is one of B's favorite things to do on vacation. He loved the gym so much he went twice a day. The pool is quite nice too.
--Enormous purpose-built play gym. It had everything: three-story treehouse, books, slides, trampoline, play-doh, ball pit...Since a lot of our sightseeing involved long car rides, it was great to give R the chance to get some exercise.
--Interesting breakfast buffet including lots of traditional Javanese foods and health tonics.
Breakfast included sushi, omelette station, noodle station, pastries, cold cuts, pancakes...pretty much everything
Tonic station to the right, sambal station in the middle, Indonesian soups to the left
Plus the standard luxury hotel pluses: kind and efficient staff; spacious rooms; and a high level of hygiene. The price was quite reasonable despite the amenities (around $80/night).
Hallway: it is a brand new hotel so everything is very spacious
Poolside bar
Only downside:
--The location is not within easy walking distance of the city center, which is a 10-15 minute taxi ride away. The hotel was happy to call taxis, but usually this meant a wait of 10-15 minutes, which was annoying (it was not possible to hail them on the street).

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