Thursday, November 21, 2013

Manatees and Monkey Children

We went to the River Safari yet again a couple weekends ago. It is my new favorite place to take R, because 1. we have a membership so it's very cost effective; 2. it is all covered so we can go even if it's raining (it is now rainy season in Singapore); and 3. I really like seeing the manatees.
A number of years ago B took a family vacation to Belize. I was not invited because his dad was paying and we were both very young (he was a sophomore in college then, I think? in any case we were still in "young couple dating" territory rather than "long-term married" territory). I was of course envious--they visited Tikal!!! and I have never been to central America--but was rather selfishly satisfied that in the end they did not get to "swim with the manatees" as had been planned. B got quite ill (he always does when traveling with his family, because they are dysfunctional and stress him out), and since he was the enthusiastic one about this possibility, they gave it a miss in favor of touring Francis Ford Coppola's resort (obviously not B's choice, hard to think of something that would interest him less). I told him we will just have to go back, together!
 R likes the manatees too, but mostly just enjoys climbing/exploring whatever she can reach. A few days ago she called to me, "Mommy, look at me!" and I turned to find her sitting on top of our kitchen island (she had opened the cabinet beneath and used the drawers inside as a kind of ladder). One reason I like getting out of the house: I feel like the zoo is a safer environment!
The highlight of this visit was seeing the Amazonian river otter for the first time: up to this point it has been hiding in the very furtherest inaccessible corner of its exhibit. The two of them seemed really relaxed, floating in the water and sunning themselves on the shore. Maybe they are finally adjusted to their new zoo home?

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