Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vegan Brunch with a Toddler

Lining up the blocks
We went out to brunch on Saturday at the new organic/vegetarian cafe in our nearby mall. I actually have no interest in organic food at all (it has always struck me as a complete waste of money, though I do appreciate vegetarian food), but these sort of restaurants tend to have vegan desserts, important as they are the only kind I can eat. And in this I was not disappointed: they had a full selection, so I ate brownies AND "cheesecake". Plus soy lattes! So exciting!

R used to be a champion at eating out, but then she got older and pickier. If she likes the food, she will probably behave herself (french fries for the win); when the food on offer is grilled chickpea/sweet potato patties with avocado and asparagus topping, she is not reliable.
B cleverly got her to sit still by buying her some new Duplo blocks. It was her first lego set and she loved them immediately. In fact, she woke up an hour early the next day just to play with them again. R, you're a cutie even if you are sometimes more trouble than a barrel of monkeys!
"I'm building a tower"
"Mommy, look what I made!"

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