Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's On My Mind Lately

It's December third already, yikes! Can't believe the year is almost over. Here's what's going on lately:

1. We fly back to the US for Christmas/New Year's next week (on the tenth). I am really excited about seeing my family and doing lots of fun only-in-America holiday activities. I am not excited about the flight, especially because in a (successful) bid to save money, we are flying Singapore-Taipei-Tokyo-San Francisco, leaving Singapore at 1 am. We also have an all-day layover in Tokyo which with an exhausted toddler should be fun! NOT. If only tranquilizer darts were approved for use in children.

2. B and I are going on a three-day trip to Chicago without R (she is going to stay with my parents). This will be the first time I have left her overnight since she was four months old. To be honest, I don't really feel the lack of "couple time" since we already spend so much time one-on-one (for instance, she goes to bed at 8 pm and both of us rarely go to bed before 1 am), though of course I always enjoy B's company. I am more excited about traveling without a small child in tow. I can read on the plane! If the flight is delayed I don't care! I can sleep as late as I feel like! etc.

I have never been to Chicago before so am looking forward to exploring the city. My must-dos so far: the Field Museum, the Art Institute, Millennium Park and Sears/Willis Tower. Plus eating hot dogs. It's my first trip to the Midwest!

3. B and I have officially started "trying" for a second child (which seems like a stupid phrase as actually I am doing less than I was before, because now I don't have to fool around with birth control methods). When I think about it logically it seems like a bad idea (twice the workload, twice the stress, plus additional fun factors like sibling rivalry or potential health/emotional/psychological problems of baby #2). But I really want another and thus logic has no place. I suppose very few people would have children if it was a primarily logical/rational decision.

4. We are staying in the US for a month! Which should be long enough to do most of what I want to do. Our last trip felt so rushed (we were only there for two weeks, which with an 18-hour flight and horrible jet lag is just too short). I am most looking forward to seeing my niece little DD, who is just over a year and cute as a button.

5. On the way back to Singapore we will be stopping over in Japan (again, same as last year). Yay! because I love Japan. We haven't decided exactly how long we will be there (at least a week, possibly longer) or where we are going. Somewhere in the country, in the north. Possibly Hokkaido: I am leaning towards the Japanese Alps currently. I want to see this:


  1. Now you're making my winter look really boring. However, I did just book a trip to San Francisco. It will be our first time there. I'm from the Midwest and have been to Chicago several times, and I think you picked great places to see. Always love the Art Institute and the Bean! Well, the Bean in the summer, at any rate. Ha!

    1. Have a great time on your trip! SF is my hometown (or region I suppose, since I was born in Berkeley) so I am biased but I think it's a fantastic place to visit.

  2. Best of luck on that flight... you're a brave woman.

    Also, best of luck on #2... ;)