Friday, May 30, 2014

SEA Aquarium

Singapore has two aquariums, both on Sentosa. The older one, Underwater World, is best known for its pink dolphin shows (which after attending I found out are probably abusive and certainly ethically questionable). The newer one is SEA Aquarium, which bills itself as the world's largest aquarium (and also has ethically questionable dolphins, sadly: at least I haven't been to their shows).
Pufferfish: so cute!
We love going to the aquarium not only to see fish but also because it's inside and air conditioned, the perfect trip on rainy or extremely sunny and hot days. Right nearby is R's favorite restaurant. B and I have membership cards (making the otherwise rather pricey admission a non-issue) and we often go on family outings there. I just wish they would phase out the dolphins.
R checking out African fish
Clown fish with sea anemone to hide in
R loves "Nemo" (she hasn't even seen this movie but has heard about it from other kids)
Moon jellies
Looking up from glass underwater tunnel
R likes the jellies
It is certainly really impressive. I love aquariums: there is something incredibly soothing to me about watching beautiful fish swim around. SEA Aquarium is especially impressive for the variety of the species on display (manta rays, seahorses, mudskippers, lobsters, nautilus, jellyfish...) and for the size of the exhibits. Here's R at one of the coral reef tanks:
And here's the Open Ocean exhibit:
Open ocean tank, one of the biggest in the world
Some of the underwater life in the Open Ocean tank

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