Sunday, June 29, 2014

101 in 1001: How Did I Do?

The time for my 101 in 1001 goals just recently ran out. How did I do?

Beautiful 3/6
Self Disciplinary 0/4
Explorations Abroad: 6/7 (one deleted, as right now I have little desire to visit Australia)
Explorations at Home: 10/10
Familial: 3/5 (three deleted)
Financial: 5/10 (three deleted)
Healthful: 3/10
Indulgent: 7/7
Intellectual: 1/8
Organizational: 4/7
Parental 8/10
Social: 2/5
Spousal: 1/3 (two deleted)

Total: 53/92 or 58%

This is not as well as I wanted to do, of course, but considering that I made the list almost three years ago and have been through a lot since then it's not terrible either. What is interesting to me is the differences between categories: I did very well in Indulgent and Explorations (ie things I like) and poorly in Self Disciplinary and Intellectual, both requiring substantial mental energy (something I frequently lack for various reasons). Healthful was also below average (my natural tendency is to sit around never moving and living off gummies, popcorn and coffee), as was Social (I have a lot of social anxiety/fears so this category is a challenge for me). In Parental I did better than average, while Spousal was below average even though my goals weren't that numerous: it is pretty obvious where most of my work/energy is going within the family! So sorry B.

I liked having goals to work towards, even if I did not accomplish them all. It gives a lot of mental clarity. I did not like the long time frame, because I already have a tendency towards procrastination and knowing that I had so long to complete the goals sometimes meant never completing them.

So this time around I am going to try a mini version: 36 in 365. It's especially appropriate as I will be turning 36 this year. I think I had too many categories before so this time it will be only six categories: two easy (or fun), two personally challenging and two important-but-not-too-difficult. Here's hoping for success and continued self improvement!

(Scroll down for the completed list details if interested.)
Beautiful: (6)
Get makeup professionally done: December 2012
Reassess wardrobe and get rid of all ugly/unflattering clothing: January 2012
Create a new and complete wardrobe
Learn how to style my hair in at least one style
Buy myself a pearl necklace: December 2013
Do skin treatment morning and night for one month (1/30)

(Self) Disciplinary: (4)
Go to bed by midnight, for two weeks
One hour or less of Internet use per day, for two weeks
Make my bed first thing in the morning, for two weeks
Create a daily/weekly schedule, and stick to it

Explorations Abroad: (8)
Visit Bali: October 2011
Go to Japan again and go to a rabbit-themed attractionJanuary 2013
Go to Italy again
Go to Australia
Visit Bagan: April 2014
Visit Borobudur: July 2013
Visit Malaysia: October 2011, March 2012, April 2012, May 2012, September 2012
Go to the jungle and look for wild orangutans: September 2013

Explorations at Home: (10)
Go on the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo: September 2011
Visit all the museums in Singapore: click here for list to-date
Take a river cruise: May 2012
Ride the Singapore Flyer: September 2011
Day trip to Pulau Ubin: March 2012
Have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel: May 2012
Visit Haw Par Villa: December 2011, August 2012
Go to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve during migration season: January 2012
Tour the Goat Farm: September 2012
Attend a concert at the Esplanade: December 2012

Familial: (8)
Decide definitely whether to have another child; if yes, start working on it!: November 2013
Take a family vacation with my parents (May 2012: Malacca, Hong Kong) and sister
Get a rabbit
Get a dog
Help my cousin visit me in Singapore
Visit family in California (4/4): December 2011, June 2012, December 2012, December 2013
Send family cards via mail, either for a reason or no reason (1/15)
Take a family photo once a month (7/33)

Financial: (13)
Pay off all credit cards
Pay off my student loan debt: November 2012
Pay off B's student loan debt: November 2012
Save $30,000 as a backup fund for emergencies etc: April 2013
Open a retirement account/Roth IRA
Save 10% of income, every month, in retirement account
Start a savings account for college fund
Buy life insurance for B (at least $1 million)
Donate $1000 to charity in 2012
Donate $1500 to charity in 2013
Donate $2000 to charity in 2014
Visit a financial planner
Hire a professional to do our taxes: March 2012

Healthful: (10)
Lose 15 pounds (weigh 125 pounds): May 2013
Hire a personal trainer for ten sessions
Exercise five days a week for a month: April 2013
Climb a mountain
Take a picture of everything I eat for two weeks
See a doctor for my heartburn: June 2012
Do yoga every day for a month
Dessert/sweets no more than three times/week, for three weeks
Drink 8 glasses of water every day for two weeks (1/14)
Floss my teeth every night for two months (1/60)

Indulgent: (7)
Have an all-day spa session: April 2014
Have an Indonesian massage: October 2011
Have a Swedish massage: December 2011
Have a Thai massage: June 2013
Get periodic pedicures: April 2014
Get a facial: January 2012
Blog every day, unless I am without internet access or really sick

Intellectual: (8)
Work my way through beginning Mandarin (Book 1)
Work my way through intermediate Mandarin (Book 2)
Take and complete a Mandarin class
Work my way through beginning Japanese book
Learn hiragana and katakana alphabets
Take a Chinese calligraphy class
Read 300 books (189/300)
Participate in a book group: April 2012

Organizational: (7)
Enter everyone's birthday/anniversary into Google Calendar
Declutter our possessions: get rid of everything neither useful nor beautiful
Write wills for me and B: select guardians for little R
Get new driver's license: December 2012
Change address on credit cards, student loans, with post office, IRS, DMV, for voting
Get antique scroll rematted: May 2012
Sort, reorganize and store files

Parental: (10)
Take swim classes with little R: May 2012
Take a music class with little R: November 2013
Take an art class with little R, when she's old enough to create
Attend a playgroup: September 2012
Take Mandarin class with little R: May 2012
Create a library of 100 quality children's books for little R: May 2012
Go on a beach vacation with little R: March 2012 (Pulau Tioman)
Bake cookies with little R, when she's old enough to help: December 2013
Complete photo album of little R's first year: May 2012
Complete photo album of little R's second and third years

Social: (5)
Make five real friends in Singapore: February 2013
Volunteer my time at a nonprofit I like (0/33)
Host a dinner party
Do random acts of kindness for non-family members (6/10)
Attend mothers' group once a month: March 2013

Spousal: (5)
Date night with B at least twice a month (20/66)
Overnight trip for anniversary, 2012
Overnight trip for anniversary, 2013: December 2013 (Chicago)
Go on an all-day bike ride with B
Make list of 50 things and do them with B (2/50)

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